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haii welcome to my dollhouse!! on this site you'll find all the stuff i love, my silly little rambles and umm idk what else 4 now,, a lot of enstars bc i love enstars lots nyaha k what i like is always changing and i can never stick with one thing for too long so expect this to be a 4ever wip :p im very very sorry if any code is broken or if pages look messy u_u

i made this site bc i wanted to have a place 2 show everything i love, and have a place where i can share pretty much anything without judgement !! basically just a place 2 b myself :3 i named it after the sanrio sugar bunnies, but the plural was taken so i made it singular. even tho i named it after them hello kitty is actually my fav sanrio character xd but ya,, i hope 2 keep working on this site until the end of time bc i love coding and being able to show who i am w a website! altho on my profile it says i created my site in 2021, i didnt actually start working on it until like.. nov 2022?? and ill keep working on it 4ever!! :D

thats all i have 4 now,, i hope u have a gr8 day!! j


wataru bday countdown!

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