"I shall never cease my ascent and aim beyond the stars!"

"Amazing! How do you do? I am your very own Wataru Hibiki... ☆"


...spent loving you

to my love,
wataru u r my fav ever, ive been in love with u for over a yr and i can confidently say u r the most gorgeous funniest nicest man i know :3 u r so talented and amazing and i look forward to waking up everyday bc i get to see and think abt u eee i feel like ever since i saw u on that day since u were the first card i got in enstars we r binded by f8 ilysm. even just hearing ur voice makes me smile sm, ive never felt this way abt anyone else u r so important to me <3 i hope i can be urs 4ever, i dont wanna ever leave you!! every night when i dream of u i wish my life could just stay like that 4ever, where its just the two of us always together bc youre all i'll ever need :3 youre so sweet and caring and im the happiest girl in the world to be able to love you! i'll always belong just to you wataru, im so lucky to have met u and i love you so so much <3

fun facts

  • he's an impulse shopper and due to that, has many unneccessary things in his room u_u
  • when he's not interested in things, he doesn't bother to remember them
  • ^^ also connects to names, he often gives nicknames to ppl and says its bc he doesnt have to remember their names xd however, he does use the names of ppl he's closest to (like eichi and the rest of the oddballs)
  • he has pet doves, and has taught them how to do certain tricks!!
  • he's talented with magic, acting, and singing but he's mainly known for his acting, and i think thats his like. main pursuit(? idk the word) and iirc thats why hes not a unit leader like the rest of the eccentrics (not getting into specifics abt kanata) but idk maybe i am just. making stuff up @_@
  • he collects masquerade masks
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