all about me! Hs

my favs :p

music mcr, anything devi mccallion, my fav genre is emo esp 90s emo :3
games style savvy
movies but im a cheerleader, as you are, kamikaze girls
shows 6teen, moral orel
animanga nana, madoka magica
books dork diaries
animals penguins, cats and dogs
colors black and pink
food cookies and sponge cake
drink sprite

HAII im rex ^_^ i am. just a girl full of love and dreams :3

I LOVE ENSTARS (if u couldnt tell already xd) and wataru is my everything!! it is literally all i ever think and talk abt. i also have other big interests but enstars is the main one rn meoww other stuff: shoujo/josei, chick flicks, yuri, ai yazawa stuff, emo, arts and crafts ^_^

i have a lot of hobbies bc i always like 2 b busy!! i make kandi, rainbow loom stuffs, i crochet, i draw sometimes, and i code (thats why i have this site lolz) altho 4 now i rlly only know html+css, a little js and i hope 2 learn more in the future!!

umm idk how 2 rlly talk abt myself but i am. not very well in social situations >_< i like 2 just b w my friends and stuff!! when i like smth i rlly like to analyze and overthink abt it, even the tiny details,, my moms say that i am funny :3


they/them hispanic 15 nonbinary girlthing

site links B abt diary shrines home C C other links B spacehey last.fm insta
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